Welcome to the Flyre Festival

We launched the luxurious new 787 Dreamliner by launching another luxurious festival that never happened.

Flyre Festival campaign image

The Challenge

With the addition of their new 787 Dreamliners, Westjet offers travelers a high-end flying experience to internal destinations like never before. We needed to get the word out about Westjet’s new premium service while true to the airline’s down-to-earth philosophy.

The Idea

With April Fool’s fast approaching, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to promote the luxury travel experience of the new 787 Dreamliner. So we decided to parody 2019’s biggest luxury fail, the Fyre Festival, and announced the ‘Flyre Festival’ with a launch video just like the original, except we presented an airborne music festival on the new Dreamliner.

To build hype, WestJet employees posted teal squares, just like the original launch. And although it was all fake, our video drove people to a real sale on Westjet’s website, generating huge profit.

Flyre Festival Case Study

The Results

17+MM impressions
+4MM total views
Trended #30 globally on YouTube
+20MM in Revenue
90% positive sentiment online
Top 10 YouTube most watched ad of the year