Swoop: this beach is a coupon

Swoop Airlines is Canada’s most popular “ultra-low cost” airliner – a highly competitive segment of the industry. Their in-house team was eager to use this opportunity to define Swoop’s main value offer and cut through a saturated online marketplace.  

Time-sensitive offers within the airline industry are common, and they often lack the urgency needed to be effective in driving sales. With this in mind, Swoop needed to stand out from the industry. 

The challenge

Swoop’s in-house team was tasked with creating and executing a sales campaign designed to stand out in a highly competitive industry, and do so using a common industry practise: time-sensitive offers. 

Swoop wanted to create a creatively bold time-sensitive ad that stood out from an industry that tends to play it safe. The airline brand wanted to bring the digital world closer to the physical by incorporating Mazatlán’s (Mexico) famous beach into the campaign. 

The solution

Introducing This beach is a coupon: the world’s first sale that ends at high tide. 

As the tide came in, it gradually erased the promotional offer to add a visual time-scarcity, rather than simply setting a timer. The brand streamed a soothing, yet simultaneously urgency-inducing, event on Facebook, inviting everyone to take advantage of the deal before it washed away. 

The campaign introduced a fresh approach to a common industry ad practise, combining the offline with the online. The ad was communicated via a comprehensive social media campaign, targeting customers for increased engagement.  

The results

Through creativity and solution design, Swoop’s in-house agency team drove:

  • Drive an 80% increase in sales, which lasted for the duration of the campaign.
  • Drive 17% increase in shares via traditional sales.