WestJet-X: we do space now

WestJet is known to its customers as a fun, positive and passionate airline. WestJet’s in-house creative agency, powered by OLIVER, was determined to use this truth as the vehicle to drive sales, while communicating the airline’s core message of affordability and great customer service. 

The challenge

In the wake of the pandemic, WestJet had a clear mission: to reinforce the position of affordable air travel and drive seat sales. Known for its good humour, strong customer relationships and April Fool’s Day antics, WestJet wanted to make 2022 a landmark year. 

The solution

OLIVER’s in-house team wanted to continue WestJet’s reputation as a  relevant brand and, in doing so, highlight affordable air travel.  

WestJet’s in-house agency knew that customers valued the airline’s playful and humorous nature, so it was crucial that this be maximized.  

Comedy through comparison was the tool of day, and what better way to highlight WestJet’s affordable air travel than by poking fun at the most exclusive form of travel: space flight.  

This led to the latest 2022 April Fool’s Day campaign ~ WestJet-X: We do space now.  

The April Fool’s Day campaign included a fully-fledged website, a social campaign (across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and video; WestJet’s CEO (who actually has a doctorate in astrophysics), Alexis von Hoensbroech, was also brought into the campaign for the company’s April Fool’s press release 

The results

Through the team’s creativity and deep knowledge  of the WestJet brand, the campaign’s launch, and the brand’s return to normality, was timed to perfection. WestJet-X was the ideal tongue-in-cheek campaign, designed to reinforce WestJet’s core offering: affordable travel and great customer service.