Axe: Vas Fresko, plugging into a sonic Gen-Z crowd

The challenge

In 2019, Axe launched a new variety of deodorant. Ice Chill promoted 48hr freshness, so people can stay fresher for longer. Axe identified an opportunity to reconnect with their core 13 to 18-year-old audience and recapture Generation Z. To connect and engage with this customer, Axe’s in-house team, powered by OLIVER, knew that they had to speak their language and, most importantly, be where they already are.

Axe needed to connect with not only its core Gen Z audience, but encourage them to collaborate with the brand while showcasing the new product. The brand’s in-house team identified that trap music is one of the target’s most listened to and loved genres. Axe saw an opportunity to dedicate itself to the world of rap music and freestyle!

The solution

Axe and OLIVER developed not only a campaign, but an original rap song and a video clip called “Fresko” (which means “Fresh”), in partnership with Bhavi and Trueno, two rising rappers in Argentina. This helped the brand connect with Gen Z as well as enter a buzzing rap scene.

The results

The campaign delivered the highest engagement rate ever for the brand in Argentina among a Gen Z audience. Such success prompted Axe to create a new line of deodorants dedicated to the rap movement, subsequently launching Axe Freestyle. 

  • #1 trend on YouTube upon release
  • Reached 10 million views on YouTube by the fourth week of launch
  • Highly positive sentiment of over 85%
  • 5 million additional video views
  • Fresko was the Top 10 most listened to song on Spotify
  • Reaching more than 121 million people organically on social media