CloseUp: getting up close and personal

As a brand that promotes closeness among people, OLIVER and CloseUp launched a global campaign called #FreeToLove, which promoted the freedom to love without prejudice, regardless of race, gender identity, religion or age.

The idea

A survey revealed that only 60% of young people in Brazil feel they are free to love and the other 50% keep their displays of love hidden. This insight led to the launch of CloseUp’s global campaign #FreeToLove, which debuted at Sao Paulo’s Pride Parade – the biggest LGBTQIA+ parade in the world.

The challenge

The main challenge was to contextualize this message amongst the norms of Brazilian culture – a country where less than 60% of young people feel free to love. The in-house team needed to break the status quo and help the brand speak-out that love is a universal right.

The solution

To encourage people to proclaim their love, in partnership with Facebook, an augmented reality filter was created that would only react when two people appeared together on the screen. Moreover, the filter was connected to OOH media along the parade route. Not only did the filter enable everyone to share their freedom to love on Facebook, but also surprised them with real-time photos going live across the OOH digital displays.

The results

• 3 million reached at the parade and 30 million impressions on Facebook and Instagram
• Hundreds of dynamic ads were generated in real-time
• The campaign drove brand affinity10x higher than the industry average
• 6x higher brand association with the cause