Rexona: the million dollar pack, for free

Anitta is the biggest pop star in Brazil right now. With billions of video views on social media, countless fans, and a huge commercial focus, every brand’s dream is to be associated with such an iconic artist. But Rexona did it, with zero budget. ​Using social monitoring, data insights and a bit of daring, our team crafted Rexona’s world-first data-informed package designs based on Anitta’s biggest songs. ​


The idea

In early 2020, Rexona identified a golden opportunity – an organic tweet from Anitta talking about sweat and deodorants. Rexona’s in-house team, powered by OLIVER, created personalized antiperspirant packs to send to Anitta. Data was collected on her most famous songs and most talked about lyrics in order to design standout packaging.

The solution

Rexona’s in-house team researched and analyzed every song Anitta had on YouTube since the beginning of her career, discovering the most successful songs based on the number of views, most talked about lyrics and chorus, fans reactions and social data. From this, the team crafted Anitta’s own line of personalized Rexona’s packs, designed purely on iconic video clips and visual codes.

Once ready, Rexona and OLIVER surprised the pop star by sending her exclusive packs a few weeks before Brazil’s Carnival. And she loved them…

The results

• Amassed 48 seconds of free exposure on Anitta’s Instagram Stories
• US$0 of actual media investment and production costs
• Over US$ 2 million earned media value
• The campaign resulted in a new product for the brand: Rexona By Anitta